Irony, Sarcasm and Machines

I’ve been taking the long commute on my bike the last couple of weeks as I take a short break from running. I’m riding further East toward the freeways and then taking the commuter/walking path in a big loop back to the Willamette River and into downtown.… continue reading

Information Pollution

I heard the phrase “information pollution” from Evgeny Morozov the other day and I think it perfectly captures what I’ve been thinking as I try to allocate more time to read and write and think during the day. It’s a grasping at the ability to have a cohesive thought, to formulate a thesis and make a case for an idea without being sidetracked and having my attention hijacked.… continue reading

Some ML Notes

Supervised, Unsupervised, Semi-supervised, Reinforcement learning

  1. Supervised
  2. Supervised learning procedures are used in problems for which we
    can provide the system with example inputs as well as their corre‐
    sponding outputs and wish to induce an implicit approximation of
    the rules or function that governs these correlations.

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The Glass Cage, Carr

I’m a sucker for the larger historical contexts of technology and culture. This book didn’t disappoint. I’m finding these types of books, where the author takes a contemporary idea and does a bunch of research and then writes a book to be less interesting than books with original ideas that are then supported with research. … continue reading