For some reason I thought Amy Cuddy had written another book and Presence was her blockbuster follow-up… but I think *this* is the book that captures all her research about power poses. First half of the book is a bit too anecdotal for me – I think it’s a pet peeve.… continue reading

How to Make Sense of Any Mess

If I would have known that this was a short ebook I would have read it years ago. It’s less than a 2 hour read.  My biggest takeaway was getting a concise list of terminology for diagram types. I know that sounds dumb but over the years I’ve created my own design artifacts that pull from many different types of diagrams and have various levels of fidelity.… continue reading

Irony, Sarcasm and Machines

I’ve been taking the long commute on my bike the last couple of weeks as I take a short break from running. I’m riding further East toward the freeways and then taking the commuter/walking path in a big loop back to the Willamette River and into downtown.… continue reading

Information Pollution

I heard the phrase “information pollution” from Evgeny Morozov the other day and I think it perfectly captures what I’ve been thinking as I try to allocate more time to read and write and think during the day. It’s a grasping at the ability to have a cohesive thought, to formulate a thesis and make a case for an idea without being sidetracked and having my attention hijacked.… continue reading