I’m a software product designer living in Portland, Oregon.

When I’m not designing software I’m designing and working in my shop with wood. I love running, climbing and skiing in high, snowy, wind-swept places where the only sound is the wind and my heart thumping in my chest.

This site is mostly about my mountain adventures and thoughts on product design with a few book reviews included. Hope you enjoy reading!

I’m also here:

I can be reached at: clearwired @ gmail

The blog title is named after the lyrical work by Gaston Rébuffat, the late French alpinist and mountain guide.

Rise early. Fix a time-table to which you must try to keep. One seldom regrets having made an early start, but one always regrets having set off too late; first for reasons of safety-the adage ‘it is later than you think’ is very true in the mountains-but also because of the strange beauty of the moment: the day comes to replace the night, the peaks gradually lighten, it is the hour of mystery but also of hope. Setting off by lantern-light, witnessing the birth of a new day as one climbs to meet the sun, this is a wonderful experience.

– Gaston Réfuffat