One of the best things for me to improve in alpine touring are transitions. Being quick in a transition will allow you to do more laps or get out of bad weather in a hurry. No one likes standing around when weather is moving in, or waiting for someone to re-pack their exploded pack.… continue reading


Medium-long run yesterday –  15 miler Council Crest loop. It’s a ridge, so if there is weather the wind is often ripping through the trees – there was some kind of generator running at the radio tower yesterday. I touched the geo marker at the top and then bugged out to get back in the trees and out of the wind.… continue reading

Something Special

There is something special about approaching the biggest climb of this run at about 19 miles. I remember something Stevie Haston wrote, “Remember, this is  your treat. Enjoy it!” He also coined one of my favorite training mantras, “eat less, train more, try harder.”

Even when things are going pear-shaped and you’re out of water and moving through sheer force of will – always remember to say please and thank you.… continue reading